Pipeline Features

Render De / Reconstruction

Standardized interface between Rendering and Compositing. Automatic setup of AOVs and rendersettings and automatic render reconstruction in Nuke.

Custom Deformer

rbRoll Maya deformer plugin to automate the rolling of the chrystal.

Modular Auto Rigger Suite

An extensive modular auto rigger suite that would cover about 70% of all the animals i had to rig.

Animation GUIs

PyQt GUI for the chrystal, that would enable animators to easily do selections or parentspace-switching for the about 50 fractured pieces of the model.

Non-Destructive Lighting Scene Assembly

Glue code that would take care of non destructive lighting scene assembly, for example automatic shader assignments to animation caches or fur transfer from fur assets.


I created a repo for the pipeline as a backup and good source for copy & paste if tasks call for it…..though i feel like i developed a lot, when looking back at this codebase.